Astrology - The Planets in the Houses

For the purposes of Astrology, the Sun and the Moon are dealt with as planetary bodies. Each of the Planets has a particular influence of its own which affects human nature differently according to the area of the sky or the House in which it falls in the Chart. These influences have been studied minutely and the main points of importance to the individual are commonly accepted as follows.

SUN IN THE HOUSES 1st positive leadership. 2nd desires wealth, possessions. 3rd Active intellectually. 4th Home life important. 5th creativity is important. 6th health and hard work. 7th relationships important. 8th self development. 9th learning and teaching, travel. 10th work and career. 11th co-operative ventures. 12th seclusion, aloneness, selflessness

MOON IN THE HOUSES 1st restlessness - easy going disposition - love of travel - strong sociability - contact with public. 2nd fluctuating finances but usually satisfactory - love of opulence and extravagance - spasmodic regarding thrift and devotion to simple life. 3rd love of variety and change - travel - publicity - mental activity - education - communication - imagination rather than intellect- intuitive thought. 4th family importance - domestic attachments - frequent moves - gain from real estate - financial inheritances - early upbringing. 5th tends to gambling, risk taking and inconstancy -interest in amusement exaggerated - love of children - possibly large family-creative imagination. 6th service - health - charities - work in a subordinate capacity - material gain from inferiors - best working under direction. 7th popularity brings success - social success - money from marriage and/or partnerships likely - interest in public life and holding official positions - liability to loss through litigation. 8th money by legacy or through relative - several children but possibility of losses of some kind or litigation after marriage - respect likely to be accorded after death. 9th religious and philosophical interest - inclined towards mysticism - strong imagination - mental changeability - dreams vivid - long distance travel by sea - publicity possibly in regard to unconventional opinions which attract censure. 10th popularity in public ventures - accumulation of property and gains from external sources - reversals of fortune - scandal and public censure may result from unfavourable aspects. 11th wide range of friends - popularity in associations and clubs - women play a large part in the life of the individual - danger from self seeking friends who only wish to further their own ambitions. 12th home life favoured or occupation in retirement involving seclusion - charitable work. liable to clandestine love affairs - danger from secret enemies, treachery or deceit.

MERCURY IN THE HOUSES 1st restless, interesting, contrary personality, elusive. 2nd documents and signature involving finances needs care - caution with promises re money and attention to bills etc. 3rd restless disposition of mind full of creative new ideas - needs concentration and self discipline to materialise brilliant potential of thought. 4th lots of intellectual interest in the home and among visitors. 5th scattered talents and energies - study and reading centred mainly on children -teaching. 6th adopting pets and lesser creatures - nursing and healing - medicine. 7th needing a mate who meets with your mind or friend to share thoughts. 8th estate matters, taxation, interest in the occult. 9th expansion of interest in science, art and philosophy, foreign lands, religion etc. 10th activity and disturbances in business and career. 11th many and variable types of friends. 12th desires seclusion and escape - interest in mysteries and obscure influences in life

VENUS IN THE HOUSES 1st loving affectionate nature and harmonious personality. 2nd indicates wealth and beautiful possessions and many admirers. 3rd good for a peaceful mind and attractive, harmonious and constructive thought. 4th harmonious home life - refinement of taste in decoration. 5th very strongly seeks excitement and adventure in love and romantic relationships. 6th peaceful attitude helpful for healing and encouraging good health. 7th good for partnerships - harmonious marriage. 8th affects beneficial fortunes such as legacies, well wishes from others etc. 9th indicates a love of long journeys - for pleasure or work. 10th good for business and luxury goods - success in meaningful life values. 11th success in social activity and entertaining. 12th affections are confined in some way, involving health, institution or commitment in reclusive circumstances. Secret romances and alliances are indicated.

MARS IN THE HOUSES 1st enthusiastic and energetic - an active personality apt to be impatient. 2nd finances are apt to create or to suffer conflict in some way.-.too impulsive in matters of economy and finance. 3rd hectic short travels and erratic habits or changeable communication. 4th activity surrounding the home.- beware of fires and results of carelessness with sharp cutting utensils.- avoid impulsive home purchases. 5th strong, ardent emotional attachments and relationships -.strong feelings and desires.- apt to suffer frustration and irritability. 6th health is tending to suffer in such a way as to require surgery. 7th money problems and conflict with partners and loved ones. 8th often learns of sudden or violent deaths of loved ones. 9th interest in higher education and legal or philosophic debate. 10th good for business and enterprises - but should not neglect family 11th friends can be aggressive - enemies abound - do not force your opinions on others. 12th secret enemies bring conflict and disturbances - energy turns to secretive pursuits, or quiet minded activity and research - sometimes being investigated by others.

JUPITER IN THE HOUSES 1st problem solving temperament-easy success and fortune - a 'lucky' personality. 2nd apt to be too easy going with inherited or easily acquired money and possessions. 3rd short journeys are many.- travel is important.- correspondence will be enjoyed. 4th improvements in home.- advanced social standing - gains from real estate etc. 5th one of the most fortunate placements of this planet bring much goodness and happiness to heart and mind and success in creative enterprises. 6th good for unselfish service in work and good relationship with workmates. 7th good fortune in marriage and professional partnerships - brings changes of life direction. 8th beneficial legacies and successful insurance claims in litigation matters etc. 9th wonderful placement for fortuitous travel overseas - wide contact with other peoples and philosophies, writing and publishing etc. 10th good for success in business. 11th expansive interest in education and learning, overseas contacts, social popularity. 12th less obvious good fortune in life - perhaps known mainly to oneself.

SATURN IN THE HOUSES 1st earnest disposition, serious nature and responsible one, tires easily, not enough lightness and fun in personality, strong sense of responsibility. 2nd security conscious in all matters including money - inclined to save, conserve. 3rd cautious mind - tends sceptical - serious studies - sober outlook leading to maturity of intellect.- determined upon absolute truth.- close relatives give problems. 4th disappointments or restraints re. home, real estate or family relationships. 5th lack of romance and sparkle in love life, limited enjoyment and capacity for light hearted fun - needs develop humour. 6th employment is tedious or monotonous and can be uninspiring - delays bring bad fortune and sometimes health problems - talent for medicine, nursing profession. 7th difficulties in marriage and business partnerships, misunderstandings manifest and cause deep rift - strongly influenced by someone much older than yourself - suffers trials and tribulations in relationship. 8th disappointing investments and delays in settlements.-.problems in marriage and family. 9th deep philosophical inclinations which are firm and conventional - unfavourable for long trips. 10th utmost diligence required in career to avoid problems - must stand on own feet and accept responsibility - must become confident and self reliant. 11th lots of hard work for good causes not always appreciated by others. 12th restraints and problems abound in this life and need resolution for the individual's next life freedom from restrictive limitations.

URANUS IN THE HOUSES 1st some irregularity regarding physique, or unusual features and unconventional ideas and personality. 2nd causes sudden happenings in affections, person and business - many unpredictable happenings in one's life indicating need for feeling more at the helm of circumstances. 3rd sudden changes of mind and mental interests and involvements - particularly unusual nature - inventive mind sometimes amounting to genius - 'lateral' thought processes. 4th apt to be big upheavals and changes in the home and family, residences etc. 5th possesses unusual talents and associates - often creative with flair and originality. 6th work must be totally absorbing with total freedom to fulfil the individual's needs. 7th unusual partnerships and relationships in marriage possibly ending in separation or divorce.- erratic circumstances.- unconventional or rebellious social attitudes. 8th unsettled conditions in finance or those of your partners, impulsive, erratic moves to be avoided. 9th unusual adventures of the mind rather that the body - scientific explorations into wider territories but also physical travel with unusual purpose. 10th often called upon for leadership of some kind. 11th introduces different friends and changes which will affect your thinking and lifestyle - foreigners - unconventional. 12th Inclines one to deep thought and sudden revelations of occult nature or abstract - or danger of involvement in illegal activities.

NEPTUNE IN THE HOUSES 1st vivid imagination, interest in music, idealism, sea travel, can be too vague a personality, weak in self assertion. 2nd unusual source of income - loss of money through errors of judgement and confusion- often suffers theft. 3rd interest in metaphysical and spiritual subjects, intuition is high and psychically sensitive - but confusion of mind and obsessions are the danger if contacting negative people or influences. 4th attracted to a permanent home or holiday cottage near the sea. 5th sensuous nature with fascination for interesting and emotional relationships - love of music and arts.- tends to seek escape from realities through sexual relationships and drugs. 6th poisonings, allergies and inexplicable factors affect and prevent robust health. 7th mistrust of partner or deception will be suffered - inclined to platonic relationships and idealistic ties - emotionally dependent. 8th mystery and psychic phenomena - astral experiences - investments involve deceptions from others. 9th high inspiration and imagination - spiritual interests - strongly idealistic. 10th mysterious and inexplicable fortune - good and bad - nature apt to be gullible. 11th deception from friends who will not be as they seem - suffers disillusionments. 12th psychological and spiritual sensitivity must be employed in practical outlet and life planning to avoid waste of opportunity and talents.

PLUTO Pluto has been relatively recently discovered with insufficient time to indicate many certain details as to how it is differently responded to when it falls in each of the Houses. Research into the influence of Pluto continues and is a point which fascinates astrologers. The general nature of the planet has been observed well enough to allow what must be seen as general reactions to apply and these are as follows:

1st strong personality able to bounce back after disasters - great resilience. 2nd individual usually seeks to possess a reputation of astuteness or business acumen. 3rd seeks wide communication on international or inter-planetary matters. 4th home life is often uncongenial with individual feeling discomfort of some kind. 5th exceedingly interested in all creative matters and seeks excellence in others and in his creations, or his children. 6th unusual health problems. 7th seeks to be the powerful partner in marriage or relationships. 8th logical and intuitive nature but suffering sexual problems or excesses. 9th interested in universal religions, philosophies, ideologies and well being of all. 10th ambitious to the point of ruthlessness in business - mergers and monopolies. 11th inclined to lose the sense of basic human values and overlooks the 'acres of diamonds' nearby. 12th intense investigator who may be himself placed under and suffer wider investigation.

In seeking to understand and interpret the astrological influences and energies and how they affect us, patiently study the many additional factors and planetary aspects which affect the character and the whole psyche of a human nature.

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